Dear Brapp family,

It is with the heaviest heart that we inform you that we have shut down the Brapp app and web platform.

We started Brapp with a simple plan, to create an app that enable artists and producers to connect in a way that has no geographical, musical or financial barriers, and believe that now more than ever, anything that helps us stay connected beyond borders and cultures is important and should be celebrated.

Sadly, however, Brapp is expensive to run and we don’t currently have the financial runway to keep it operating or build all the exciting things in our roadmap we had planned. So, until further notice, we have to put it on ice.

We have seen countless collaborations between people from far and wide and couldn’t be prouder of all the musical interactions we’ve enabled and all the new friendships born through collaboration, and most of all the community of creators elevating each other.

Thank you to everyone who’s written in for your kind words and for sharing your Brapp Stories, we are so happy that we’ve been part of your musical journeys and wish you all the best in music and in life.

Please note that Brapp Records will continue to operate as usual.

With love,

Team Brapp – Niki, Levent, Pavan, Raad