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v15 Tacoma

2heavy Dope. Especially 0:28 to 0:38!

v15 @2heavy appreciate it brother

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da_ruff_poet #repost

da_ruff_poet We need more support!!! Repost artist work!

marston Dope as ... real shit

lastdoghung Killed it again

ricksta Haaatd bro!

da_ruff_poet appreciate the love !!!

2heavy Sick.

eulogeebeats Nice, be free. Fuck em

da_ruff_poet Facts@eulogeebeats

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crinkbeats Yes mate, we need to cook suhin man feelin this.

2heavy Cheers @crinkbeats, would be good!


2heavy Thanks for the repost @bigshamu!

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Beat by bigshamu
Big ups to @bigshamu and Togo


bigshamu Yes bro killed it

2heavy Nice one! Glad you dig it.

crinkbeats Yes man, dope once again! I need more!

2heavy Cheers @crinkbeats!

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raad nice

2heavy Thanks!

kermit dope!

2heavy Cheers! Niiice beat

sontwisted Smooth

2heavy Thanks, man.

v15 @2heavy Workin the pocket man. I love it!

2heavy Much appreciated @v15! Thanks for the repost

crinkbeats yass mate!

2heavy Big up @crinkbeats! Glad you're feeling it