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marston That is fire brother, big bars


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amfs Yes g!!

larry Beats amazing

amfs Dope bars n all

raad Bars

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tu_manic Wanna collaborate bro

blackchemistry @tu_manic yeah man do u want me to send you a beat?

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Sk!tz Beatz 'NAPALM'
Spray on this beat for a chance to go in the studio with Skitz Beatz and film a music video with director Icey!... read more


3mb4 gunna duppy dis

manni That's fire!!

foreignbeggars @discarda

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4phit nice

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challis_uk Yeah! Big up the pumps

mynameisnuttyp Smashed it bruv

verse1 Killer freestyle that what we like to see big up to all the freestyles

nonames Levels.. and the fact the zoot stayed alight

jrolla So many rhymes with "zoot". A good argument for every song to be about bud!!!

huskybeats sick bars

huskybeats sick bars

bannyb when i walk in the dance people stop and glance there like how did you get the scares" my favortie grime barz still till this day !!!

jay3 Fuckkkkkkkk ! #dirt

jay3 I cant find the beat ?

oneoz Ill delivery

4phit bars

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4phit banger

albadman dope !

beeunreal Nice selection of beats you have! Will get on it at some point soon

genghisdaze Thanks for the love. Keen to see what happens, be ill to see where you take it.