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kaynashar Big up brapp tv


mareckiee Thank Ya Bro! Good vibes :D

kaynashar Thanks to all the listeners


kaynashar Wicked tune bruv still banging now

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barz BADMAN!!!!1

rastaa Aard

docskeng Yes g!!

dreadeyefreen fire flow


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trickzy Went in


kaynashar Big up bro much thanks for my efforts

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Kayn Asha da plug freestyle
Beat by manrey
#rap #london# brapp tv #uk#roads


541r this is harrrrrrdddddddd

jrfbbeats Feeling this

kaynashar Much appreciated my bro glad to see someone still listening

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lrd Big!

kaynashar Respect bro at least you see the levels thanks


sicksixetbeats yo i wrote to this , the singing bit you got down pretty much the same, u wana jump on this one brv?

kaynashar @sicksixetbeats yo sicks what's good Fought I got back to you still let me no what you wanna do with that tune on it when you are still bro

541r Hard

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jboss1989 Flows! Vibes!

viciouscreep sheeesh

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kaynashar Yh bro glad you like it bless you got some good beats there dun no

ricksta Respect g!

541r Banging bro

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b_clever Smashed it bro, feel free to verse more can always send you full versions!

jboss1989 Bruvvvaa, would appreciate you barsing on some of my beats of your rating. Big up, blessings!

jboss1989 @b_clever beat is hekky too bro!

b_clever @jboss1989 bless bro much appreciated


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macdubz @kaynashar barrrrrrrssss

docskeng Check out my hobbit riddim if you can g!

kaynashar Yh scrag kool fam I will have a look good looking out

nebula_beatz cheers

541r shut it

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