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@6lab's cover photo on Brapp.
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lxn C'est bon ça !

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nikimukhi Awesome man!

nikimukhi Awesome man!

lastdoghung Cheers @nikimukhi

lastdoghung Thanks for the repost @thebreaks

geo Nice Beat !!!!

lastdoghung Cheers bro @geo

lastdoghung Cheers for the repost @6lab

mrripley Heavy heavy

lastdoghung Cheers bro! @mrripley

lastdoghung Thanks for the repost @kings

lastdoghung @zbuel cheers for reposting bro

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ceji Du lourd gros !

jazzychavo je ne parle pas francais but this sounds good!! pow pow!

velcrofficiel Un bon texte un bon flow, du coup c'est du bon rap ! Continue !

skanky c bon ça gars

mikefr Extra!

lxn Bic up!

ladysanity Love your flow!

soilitos00 ca tue

mohtazi Excellent

brappfr #BrappFrance

rafapara Niceee

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illuminative Sweet



puf2 Very good beat, i have rap on this :)

sundeep This is a hot beat!

mskal jolie taf, c lourd.....

gypsymac Sick beat bro big up !!

nebula_beatz putain ces frais

truer nicee

hanzo_steel Why don't you have a soundcloud bruh? Your beats are killin it

djvadim Dope makes me wanna spit bars!!!

geebag I'm sure that's the same sample E Dot used on one of his tracks on Uncle Howie records

majestic What's this sayin @badhabitz? I need this!

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mrconcept very nice

eightysix Like the sound . Think the big samps takes a lot away from the feel of the track . Limits the vibe . Apart from that Just my opinion

genghisdaze Thanks for the advice bruv. @eightysix

eightysix Ha . nah I was writing something to it and in the loop "big booty bitchiz" kept throwing me . All good

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newancients Yeah boi. Heater flow

datavelli My g! Fire as usual...

cecilmcfarrell Michelin star repertoire

helzs Ok, that was very nice dude

adibanti Pff you having a laugh that's sick!

lastdisciple badman

jayelflex DOPE !

chesterp Sick

bigp wahhhhh

hozay Big ups ppl !!!!!

lowlife Bad man flow!!!

lowlife This really is ill man!! big up

maxvongrumble heat !

baileysbrown i only jus realised i get a mention in the bar haha

baileysbrown i only jus realised i get a mention in the bar haha

baileysbrown jus noticed im mentioned haha

planky boom

nevahrest big up!

jdogg @hozay this is HARD

alleydarklight yeahhhh bruhhhhh heavyyyy lourddd

thingy More more more!

dienaum dope

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3mb4 ur illl bro

jaysu Cool!

insight I'm gonna spit on this tomorrow.

geebag Has this beat been used properly? Really nice man. Love to hear the track

badhabitz @geebag nah man, if u got something for it lets do it!

geebag Cheers man @badhabitz

aemzo Ragh dope

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genghisdaze @Neida

doubleaa Le feu gros, le feu le feu le feu

neida Merci aha

east Chaud


neida Thx!

6lab Terriible mec !!!

neida Merci mec!

b_clever Yo @neida what to your vid bro, was heavy

neida Don't worry bro, I will just do it better ;-)

b_clever @neida look forward to it bro

jayelflex yeah mec bien joué ! check la prod Outsidaz sur mon profil tu vas la kiffer

neida Merci, je vais check ça!

nebula_beatz check mes beat poto

dime Énorme ! Check mes Beats ! Ya souvent du neuf !

neida Merci bro

jaysu @nebula, joli! Jette une oreille à mes 60s! #Jaysu

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stretchmc Love your smoothness geeza

oneoz That's that shiit

gus Soo Dope.

timeoutbeats Smooth!

slowz That beats hella cold g

harvsletoad My don .. Utterly butterly

saulthesame Shwayphe gees! Big love

litework Woyyy

shayd Done x

genghisdaze That's tight

chazaap Killed it

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a beat buhzz


casablanca Mate this is wicked!

stretchmc Loving ur stuff

moraless Man your beats are just too much, Bigups @saulthesame

saulthesame @caseyjones @stretchmc @moraless saaaaaafe guys! Much respect!

joeshire too much not enough