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Hannah London, UK

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_hansolo_ London
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_hansolo_ London

daruffpoet Hey beautiful I love your voice

daruffpoet Do you write your lyrics or free style?

timeoutbeats Love it thanks for jumping on the beat


_hansolo_ @monstermatt

_hansolo_ @timeoutbeats thanks

_hansolo_ @daruffpoet thanks I always write out my lyrics. Need to work more on my freestyling

_chillmode_ Love the tone of your voice

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_hansolo_ London


mcase Up for a collab?

_hansolo_ @mcase thanks I’m so busy with work atm but I’ll defo get in touch when I have more time to work on something

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_hansolo_ London


_hansolo_ @mcase

mcase @_hansolo_ do you have soundcloud?

_hansolo_ @mcase no I don’t

michelleward Always a great vocal x

_hansolo_ @michelleward thank you

_hansolo_ @ayonation haha thanks

budabapbeats so dope

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_hansolo_ London

Save The World
Beat by charlieb
Love the retro sound to this beat #femalesinger #singer


dirtybuckle Great lyrics!

charlieb Nice

_hansolo_ @dirtybuckle thank you!

_hansolo_ @charlieb

lucianitatt Go head now sounds good

karroumymj Really amazing!

_hansolo_ @lucianitatt thanks

lucianitatt No problem do you wanna do a song

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_hansolo_ London


kdin Прекрасно)

_hansolo_ @kdin @hardheaded_prod

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_hansolo_ London

lazemz :D nice

lazemz If u ever want the full beat u can have it just lmk

francoisreinke Fantastic ! Anytime let’s jam together

young40jim so many different styles amazin han!!!

_hansolo_ @lazemz cheers

_hansolo_ @young40jim @francoisreinke thanks guys!

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_hansolo_ London

lazemz love it ! so calm

_hansolo_ @lazemz thanks!

lazemz do you have songs somewhere to listen?

equalmeasure Nice

multiversal New skool Helen reddy vibes , love it

_hansolo_ @equalmeasure

_hansolo_ @lazemz no I don’t at the moment, I just sing on here for fun but I’m going to try recording some bits soon

_hansolo_ @multiversal

thesoulsinger @_hansolo_ Amazing. This just soothes my soul. your voice

_hansolo_ @soulsinger21 thank you!

michelleward Gorgeous x


_hansolo_ @michelleward

_hansolo_ @small thanks

beeunreal Oh my days love it peach

_hansolo_ @beeunreal aww thank you!

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_hansolo_ London

Beat by dirtybuckle
Morning Brapp in the car thanks for the beat! #femalesinger #singer


zarahjones There she is xxxx

lazemz :D nice


_hansolo_ @zarahjones

_hansolo_ @lazemz thanks!

_hansolo_ @timeoutbeats

dirtybuckle Lovely as always!

dirtybuckle Great Lyrics Hannah!

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_hansolo_ London

copiusbeats This sounds great! Fancy recording a version? I can send you the beat if you like? This is actually going on the new Xybots album and we've been looking for a vocalist for this and some others over the past few months for it. You seem like a perfect fit!

_hansolo_ @copiusbeats thanks sounds exciting! Can you email to let me know the info

copiusbeats Sent over for you now

_hansolo_ @copiusbeats got it! Thanks

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_hansolo_ London

alexanderrrr Nice flow for a Sunday morning...

_hansolo_ @alexanderrrr thank you

lowlife Flow !!

_hansolo_ @lowlife

francoisreinke Love ya sound #floating

gwop YES MAMM !!!!!

_hansolo_ @francoisreinke thank you

_hansolo_ @gwop always inspired by your beats

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_hansolo_ London

dirtybuckle Wonderful !!! let me know if you want to collaborate

_hansolo_ @dirtybuckle thanks! I love the beat my insta is @han_solo_singer if you want to message me what you’re thinking

djevidenz Really like what you’ve done to this

_hansolo_ @djevidenz thank you!