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About Us

We started Brapp with a simple idea, to enable artists and producers to connect in a way that has no geographical, musical or financial barriers.

We believed that if a free and powerful recording app that lets anyone connect and collaborate freely existed, exciting things can and will happen... So that’s what we created!

How it works

On the Brapp app and website, any kind of music producer can upload their beats (instrumentals) and then anyone can use the app to record one minute videos on top, enhance the recording using powerful studio effects, and share with their followers on Brapp and across other social networks.

100 countries

After giving it to 20 young artists to try out, we now have artists in over 100 countries with thousands of awesome collaborations on Brapp, many of which have led to official record releases.

The coolest thing

The coolest thing we’ve seen with Brapp is the culture of elevation that has emerged between people on the platform globally. Brapp is a space that people at all stages of their music journey, from beginners to musical legends, encourage each other to push forward and grow.

We love this, and use our voice and music industry experience to elevate artists by writing about them, creating content with them and sharing their stories.

What we're going to do next

  1. Add new features to the app to help you make and share your music further.
  2. Translate Brapp into more languages to support the international community.
  3. Launch Brapp for Android.
  4. Grow the community by creating content with awesome artists on Brapp.

Things people are saying about Brapp

"Brapp is going to revolutionise the way musicians interact with one another. This is a straight up game changer."
- Bobby Tank (Mofo Hifi)

"Oh shit! What have you done to me? I'm addicted."
- Funtcase

"App is HEAVY bruv!"
- Plastician

"Brapp is place for constant creation, loving interaction and it feels like a family."
- Ayah Marrar (Calvin Harris, DJ Fresh)

Who we are

We are four guys that decided to challenge the limitations of how artists and producers connect across musical, geographical and financial barriers.

PAVAN · LEVENT · NIKI · RAAD (Picture by Zed H)

Niki Mukhi

CEO | Co-founder
Niki's focus is on the overall vision for Brapp, developing new features enabling people to discover, collaborate and connect globally through music. His work as a professional guitarist and composer has led to performances in over 50 cities, and from Glastonbury Festival to the Cologne Philharmonic to numerous BBC sessions. In 2014, whilst developing the Making Music App (a powerful writing app for musicians), he put together the concept and team for Brapp.

Levent Ali

CTO | Co-founder
Levent is in charge of orchestrating the development of the Brapp platforms. He has 15 years experience building and leading technical teams and creating internet products for early stage startups and public companies.
Prior to Brapp, Levent has been coaching and writing software as a consultant for various clients as well as working on open-source projects.

Pavan Mukhi

Strategy | Co-founder
Pavan is focused on new business development at Brapp. Having spent 2 decades in the music industry both on stage and behind the scenes, he has a unique insight into the ever evolving role of technology & media in music. Pavan is the founder of UK hip hop group Foreign Beggars, who achieved critical acclaim with their music and through a succession of high-profile collaborations including Grammy winner Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Vato Gonzalez, Plastician, Bar9, Noisia and their latest album on Deadmau5's Mau5trap Records. He also founded and headed up Dented Records, Par-Excellence Artist Management, Peng House Music Publishing and LPMA/Arms House Tours and Bookings.

Raad Haider

CCO | Co-founder
Raad spent his formative working years establishing one of the first US e-commerce sites for independent design and streetwear in the late 90's. Since then, he has headed design and consulted for various organisations in the fields of events, fashion, contemporary art and design.