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Brapp Brand Assets

The Brapp logo assets comprise of the word-mark ‘Brapp’ and the logo-mark ‘fist’ icon. We have created a set of Brapp logos and icons for you to use on your websites and social media channels.

When placing the logo or fist icon make sure to leave enough space around them, so that they are clear and do not appear cluttered.

Please do not do any of the following:

  • Use the Brapp logo in a way that implies any form of partnership or endorsement unless it has been approved by us in advance
  • Combine our logo with your logo or name without prior approval other than as set out in our guidelines
  • Feature Brapp on any materials associated with illegal activities, religious persecution, pornography, terrorism, bullying or other materials that violate the Brapp® Terms & Conditions
  • Use any icons, images or trademarks to represent Brapp in any way other than as set out in our guidelines
  • Modify or distort the Brapp logo or assets in any way, including changing the colour and shape or placing them on backgrounds that make them illegible or cluttered
  • Use Brapp logo, brand assets or other intellectual property to create any merchandise or other products such as t-shirts and hats without prior written approval from Brapp® Ltd

Brapp word mark

Brapp 'fist' icons

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