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Great Son Of Abraham 33500 Libourne, France

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marston @Abraham_lilson , thankyou brother, much appreciated

hecktick Sick dog!

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lalo Germany

timeoutbeats Love it much love for jumping on the beat

kylenmusic You’re hella dope!

soulsinger21 @lalo Awesome

paslow Wow! Amazing

rtcmc love this!

jvos you're talented!

rmgbeats Yoooooo murda she wrote move over miss Badu @lalo

thesinger Wow... just... Wow

mckillerpagan Oooooooooooooo.


g0n3 Amazing voice i lake that :)

manicman Love ur voice gal we will av to collaborate one day check me out

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flowtecs wow

chesterp Amazing!

hollyflo *Speechless*

vicebeats Yes Eva! X

sizezero God damn girl!!! Beautiful tone to your voice & quality tune!!!

chesterp Where abouts you based Eva?

evalazarus @flowtecs @duncelectric thank yooooou!!

evalazarus @hollyflo thank you xx

evalazarus @vicebeats @sizezero Merci Danke cheers babz!!

evalazarus @delrokski thank you!!!!!

evalazarus @chesterp Thanks!! I'm Based in Bristol!

nikkyg Sick wow love it girl

kyu_tracks Beautiful!

remulak amazing!

physiks yes yes!

vicebeats You're most welcome! X

ceaze Awesome!!! Amazing talent

mskal damm this voice is so amazing......


deadott everything you do is so ill

olivertruffe Love this!

che_ach Beaut

ambishn Beautiful


shacks U can sing b

rratedmuzik Nice

xanasoulsearchr Dope

leafdog Man this gave me chills... wow

joshuadavid Crazy dope! Jesus gave you an incredible voice! God bless you!

theafrojedi Can u please post just a instrumental version i got a story that futs perfect with this!


magamed Gngg

grsjeremy Nice voice!!! I live it

dkthebarber62 Did u you write this

marston Wow , beautiful voice

dkthebarber62 I’ve actually listened to this so many times so gifted wish I could play the guitar

sop Siiik lets do. Track

vados Давай вместе запишем что нибудь))

donsubstance lovely... miseducation of lauren vibe

thesoulsinger Love it. Very soulful.

hoodldn Bringing me back where there was real music about in the 80s& 90s.

k7tox Bless’ed singing

notesproducer nice and emotional


tugsn I love the sound !

nitel_p A W E S O M E!

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soulsinger21 Bronx

liamashleyrolf Another sterling vocal bro

soulsinger21 @liamashleyrolf Thanks man. Really like that track.

liamashleyrolf cheers man i had you in mind for this too! taking it full on isley brothers :)

soulsinger21 @liamashleyrolf Yeah it kinda felt that way so I decided to go that route.

thesinger You already know how I feel bro. You’re just amazing

soulsinger21 @thesinger Thanks bro

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riverfloww Atlanta

Space Jamz #Riverfloww
Beat by abraham_lilson
Here's my new video ‘Your Way #Riverfloww’ on the @brapptv app. See more at - #riverfloww ...


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User @abraham_lilson's avatar


abraham_lilson Thank you @hardheaded!!!!

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User @abraham_lilson's avatar
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