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lrd certified bruva.

afrodancapo Bless g @lrd

jjonas212 barrrrssss

freedotbee Yoo. This is large. Respect g

afrodancapo Respect @freedotbee @jjonas212

lrd I got get your email bro! We gotta get some more vids on here done aswell. I've uploaded a few since you last been on.

afrodancapo Most definitely @lrd how can I send it to you privately?

lrd Email me at

lrd @afrodancapo WHERE U AT BRO????

afrodancapo I'm back was out the game @lrd next upload soon....


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lrd "You want beef check your mum, she's a real old cow"

mcbluntos Flames g.

afrodancapo Nuff love dudes @lrd @mcbluntos

mutez Second what @lrd said! Thas a bar man. Big

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lrd Sick

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grjoemusic Jheeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

grjoemusic Let me know if u wanna get in the studez with sum acoustic guitar

afrodancapo @grjoemusic will do my g

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shanetrypz Wicked bro.

afrodancapo Thank man @shanetrypz

miccalibre Barz!

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afrodancapo Respect guys @darksoul @lrd

lrd No worries bro. Killed this! More to come

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lrd Killed it bruva!!

afrodancapo I appreciate that. Beat's hard brother

slowz Cold g

mcbluntos SICK

afrodancapo Bless @shadow @mcbluntos

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User @afrodancapo's avatar

lrd This is fire! You're gonna have to jump on some more of mine. Flow is crazy!


afrodancapo @lrd means a lot. Trust me fam just hold tight.

afrodancapo @barz nice 1

ilmntnfunkbeats Thanks man this is fucking good

afrodancapo @ ilmntnfunkbeats Respect!!!