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Aina Roxx @ainaroxx's cover photo on Brapp.
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mrchisti Yeah yeah!! 🔥🔥

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raad 👊🔥

raad this is dope 🏆👊🔥

slendstherapper Jheeeze, actual fire bro! Damn 🔥

ainaroxx Love this.

foreverdayseven 💥🔥💥

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smugglermc Na man Ya didn't FarK it was fun as

rebelaca Love it ! Nice you. You sound great. Big up@kilburn. From the rise. Fuck I think I like this brapp app so cool rocking it in public

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smod Morning hunny dope

nino_krm Very nice vibes !

raad morning! sounds amazing! 🔥👊

mtpockets Wow. Your voice is incredible. Got a soundcloud or an email?

nikimukhi Beautyy!

3mb4 wicked!!!!

oab talent !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

mrreem Nice! tchek my prods ;)

smugglermc Wow

slowz Nice1 luv u2

keiosxlek soo sweaattt !!

lnative1 Ooh i like

botch Wow ! #studioquality

vicebeats nice!

harq Mmmmmmmm soothing

kyu_tracks Good morning!

capn Damn girl, where you pullin that voice from?? 😍

kylenmusic hella smooth vibin'

stephaneibiza music producer from ibiza where can we talk?

stephaneibiza hi again no news from you let me know

ainaroxx @stephaneibiza hit me up on Facebook - Ahynha :)

stephaneibiza hi couldnt find your facebook weird hehe,mine is stephane dx ibiza

ainaroxx @stephaneibiza I sent you a message on

ainaroxx @stephaneibiza instagram

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Gotta keep trying innit..
Beat by badhabitz
You can tell I've been slacking of late! #freestyle #attempts


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oab Draw for the oyster!

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oab we love you to

smod hahaha yes hun hahaha

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gramsofdroe Gwarn! Yes to the good vibes! Ure steas Aina! 👌 YO!!! 👍 Nice beats Mr Bones! Big up all Brapp Family!

illuminative Dope🗿

hazelkari You are vibes 👊🏽

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skillmitchell Wow! Incredible! 👌🏼

johaslett I wanna sing that with you, with a sieve on my head!

johaslett 😍

ukdistinction Soul!

illinformed crazy this is ill

drzygote 👊🏽

cecilmcfarrell Back in the day 👊🏼

eightysix 👏🏽👊🏾

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foreignbeggars #nerdcore

mnsrfrites Dope!