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hotface Redbox


hotface Wow appreciate the love my G

francoisreinke Oh wow ya

logan So easy with itvibe

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aunty_roo_420 Birmingham

bigshamu This is dope!

aunty_roo_420 @bigshamu thank you the beat is

mckillerpagan Love this. . Have u got a Facebook ect too?

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southernquill Nashville

thesoulsinger @southernquill So soulful. I felt that. Love the raspiness in your voice. Dope track @hardheaded_prod Sang girl sang




southernquill Thank you guys

southernquill Optional("")@soulsinger21 I sincerely appreciate that... it’s that beat tho!


techno12345 Brutal

hardheaded_prod Loves it

jestagotbeats Amazing voice, I can really feel your passion

mrconcept great voice

conradindigo Dope

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nikimukhi Dubai

smugglermc I love the diversity of Music with this app nice work mate

definitelyon Waow, awesome skills!! Respect

mskal waouuu coool guitar riff

eightysix Great way to start the day . Sounding awesome NIKI

djevidenz Yes man Ill ! Killin it





nikimukhi @smugglermc thanks man!! Me too!

nikimukhi Thanks @eightysix !! Wonna start everyday like this!

nikimukhi Thanks!!! Big up you guys @definitelyon @mskal @djevidenz @raad @onz @lebreeze @asblackcartel (@pravvyprav on the drums)

chuknano Awesome!

nikimukhi Thank youu! @chuknano

mimindme Love it!! Everyone check out my video if you can!

ceezlin Im gonna do a verse on this tomorrow!

mcsas serious skills

barbarabe Nice you on soundcloud

nikimukhi Thank you!! @mimindme @ceezlin @mcsas

nikimukhi @barbarabe thank you! I am on SoundCloud with the same username

specialized Awesome skills dude! Respect

da_ruff_poet Killed it

dwizofoz Fuck yeah!

7breaths Yes bro

marston Wow , absolutely love that, glad to have seen that

nikimukhi Thank you guys!!! @specialized @da_ruff_poet @dwizofoz @7breaths @marston

copiusbeats smashed it

dirtybuckle Skill and passion bro!

dkthebarber62 Sick

nikimukhi Yoo thank you guys!! @copius @dirtybuckle @dk9numba62

4phit skills!

tytun This is amazing!! I would love to try rapping on this!

iambigtown You’re amazing. Hope to collaborate soon!

burnman My god

nikimukhi Yoo thank you guys!! @4phit @tytun @aemzo @iambigtown @burnman

eratticrecords thats mad bro skill

nikimukhi @iratticrecords thank you!!

southernquill ... I could hear Concha Buika on this. Excellent!

nikimukhi @southernquill that’s awesome thank you!!

djvarda Seasons okay! Bless up bro!

tuckerprod Pure Passion ... Epic Skills !!

nikimukhi @tuckerprod @djvarda thanks guys!!

carleto Woa, amazing skills !

nikimukhi @carleto thank you!!

lilsmooth Follow my account for beats every beat just ask

michelleward Incredible playing x

nikimukhi @michelleward hey thank you!! :)

jrfbbeats What a talent

mdesiigns You on Instagram?

kissfist Great to hear such amazing guitar skills for a change... great work man!!

freemason So much talent!! Wow

nikimukhi @kissfist @jrfbbeats @freemason thank you guys

nikimukhi Hey @mdesiigns yes! Username is nikimukhii

stubad Iskine

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beeunreal So dope! So so dope! My recordings ain't saving tonight, lonnnnnng, have to try again tomorrow! Love it.

qapt Optional("")@beeunreal appreciate it hun!


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thesoulsinger East Harlem

deadott Dopeness

thesoulsinger @deadott Thanks

da_ruff_poet You kilt that!! ima write a little something to compliment yours

thesoulsinger @da_ruff_poet Thanks man. Can’t wait to hear it.

nikimukhi Yes!!

marston This is dope

thesoulsinger @marston Thanks


djvadim Love to record dome proper use wid u king! Holla if u hav time . Grown man BIz . Soul ish

thesoulsinger @djvadim Sounds like a plan


thesoulsinger @nonsprod Thanks

theblackberd Siiiick! Not what I was expecting.. <3


deadott @soulsinger21 over 1000 views bruv!! We gotta make a real record outta this one!

thesoulsinger @deadott No doubt I’m down man

deadott @soulsinger21 whats your email, i'll send the full beat over for you to write to

thesoulsinger @deadott

justnice this shit tough

thesoulsinger @loudboynice Thanks

dimasss Amaizing

viralpunk Hard!

keepitup wtf, this is awesome, man!

thesoulsinger @keepitup Thanks. Appreciate that.

thesoulsinger @viralpunk Thanks

thesoulsinger @dimasss Thanks

dandelionhagos Jammin