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nikimukhi Big man Riddla back up inna dis

riddla @nikimukhi love my g

3mb4 fiyaaa

3mb4 wot u sayin for this beat bro???

riddla @embaone appreciate that my g

riddla The actual beat is up for lease boss add me on Facebook and I'll send you the link to purchase if you're interested @embaone

3mb4 deffo ima do dat now bro

riddla Kevin Riddla Broch is the Facebook g @embaone

simondo i need this beat

simondo how much is the lease

simondo get back to me on

riddla @simondo you'll find it on my bandcamp, lease is £40 you can buy it straight from there g

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84bpm classic hiphop


raad dope

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eightysix Jdan this is liiiive

jdanproductions Big up @eightysix

maceymonei Smooth!

raad freshhhh

jdanproductions Respect @maceymonei @raad

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nabsi Big beat bro!

jdanproductions Waves bro

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lastdoghung @ajhaskyyyy appreciate the repost!

raad fresh

lastdoghung @raad cheers raad

jdanproductions Clean fam

lastdoghung Cheers @jdanproductions appreciate it

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