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alia Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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alia Dubai

Ode to Amy
Lost myself for a sec there. It's been awhile since opening Brapp. Sometimes living doesn't make you alive, it just... read more



at3mmedia Wicked voice!

thehighdropjah good vibes !!

domin8tion VALERIE

muon Such a smooth voice!! take a peek at my beats would love to have a feature :) :)

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For Everyone Entering The #soledxb Challenge. This beat is being used on the Brapp project I'm doing as a cypher... read more


wish Il do one

lrd I'll send you the beat now bro. Might chuck a few others in there as well

bigshamu I'm into it bro!

lrd @bigshamu add me on Facebook bro. I'm under 'LRD producer'

cliche @lrd can you send me it too bro

lrd @cliche done bro

madeline8 Please email to

madeline8 Sent a FB message love this so much

madeline8 Send the beat please xxxx

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hollyflo Montpelier

#Brapptv #soleDXB
Beat by charliemac
This beat is hard! Charlie Mac


ptredeyez BIGTINGZ!

dertbagginz ard!!!!!!!!


hollyflo Safeeee thank you feel free to repost in return for sexual favours

hollyflo From @ptredeyez mind

jolene U got this

hollyflo @graciegrey

foreignbeggars Gwaan Holly

hollyflo Thank you @foreignbeggars for sharing !

raad yeah holly.. killed it! been too long d

hollyflo thank you @raad

hollyflo @charliemac what do you think cuz

agzillabeats Going in. Dope. Zz.

waltzzuk You dope.

mimindme can everyone check out my video real appreciated!

lemongirl yes holly

ruuumusik Dope


castrotaurus Damn!!!!!!

charliemac Yep @hollyflo smashed it

nebula_beatz Propre

iamsaintpaul @hollyflo your flow on this and wordplay is fucking flawless!!! I'm hooked we need to do a song asap!!!!

iamsaintpaul @brapptv @hollyflo deserves a blue tick for this!!!

oliversudden OOIIIIIIII

eightysix MURDERATION ..

willb So heavy!

boneintell Whoa

impro Big flow!

ladysanity Oiii! Holly you snapped on this

alia Holy shitttttt badass

thinkmotivate Flow

mringlorious1 Love the way u switched up in this Biggs up

dhackmedia your dope girl

mimindme Hello please repost/watch my latest brapp video much appriciated! Thanks

murdoch007 Nice flows #CoolVibes #Slick #Dope :)

prodbear nice

quarterthagreat Doooooope!!!!!

andsamlad This is tooo good!

trauma74 Dope...check my beats . Got a nice jazzy one for you on there.

evon Proper

bigbobcohen Hell yeah, you pulled me in from the first Bar

mcyt Girl you tear this up !! Got really good wordplay

at3mmedia Muuadd!!

keiosxlek Uhhhhh dope girl !!!

alphamemphis this is fire

thesinger That was just... I listened 3x’s and started following you. So dope


thesinger @soulsinger21

thesoulsinger @hollyflo Nice

nepaul Damn!

rwbspain @hollyflo nice!

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alia Dubai

++ Help a DXB chick out ++ ((Honest to Good))
Beat by duggibeats
An original I just put together with some words that have been floating around in my head, but the hook was nowhere... read more


nikimukhi Woah!!


duggibeats Big Love @alia

penfoldpoet Jheeze

aig Amazing

babasnook Awesome @alia

alia @nikimukhi happy belated birthday babe!!!

alia @duggibeats love back at ya

alia @penfoldpoet thank you thank you

braspl Amazing. Your voice sometimes Reminds me of early Bonnie Raitt

jtronius Luv it angelic flyness

riche FIRE !!! Go girl

bigg22 You don't want ign@hu

at3mmedia Wow!!

danharris them long high notes are sick

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helzs @alia thanks, do something, im so curious :)

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da_ruff_poet Im a eat this beat!!! Shits

duggibeats Big up fam!! Let's hear it bruva!!@da_ruff_poet

da_ruff_poet Im writing it right now

geobeatzuk Get em duggiii


duggibeats Big Ups!!!!!!!!

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Hit 'em up (pt. II)
Beat by mika_realist
This beat was too good not to come back to for round 2! #unexpected_cover #rnb


timeoutbeats Love it!!

babasnook Awesome, mashallah

mika_realist Again!!!! Thank you lady!!!

zarahjones One of my face tracks! You've done it justice

alia @mika_realist had to!! @zarahjones love your vibe & thank you so much coming from you

bisonbriggz Jesus!! Thats niice, dope voice mate

blacksmith Dope

helzs Faya faya

ashbradable Wowwwwww

docskeng Your voice is so good! Check my beats!

keiosxlek howww do u want a french connection ?? :D


at3mmedia You're seriously talented! Best wishes to u. <3

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alia This is sick

duggibeats Big respect @alia

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alia @duggibeats your beat got me

nikimukhi Yoooo!

macdubz Wow

djevidenz Smashing

geobeatzuk damn!

goodinglish brilliant!


alphamemphis you are really awesome! Peace from NYC

alphamemphis WOW!

eureka Yes girllllll

ahurumazda Grand vocal display


twarnkanefm Wow

duggibeats Big love for all the comments

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raad Dope

stretchmc Very nice...

ptredeyez Lrd on da melody!!

timeoutbeats Love it!!

djskip good stuff

lrd Thank you.

jdanproductions I recognise this sample... Who sung the original? This is dope fam !!

eightysix So good .

lrd @eightysix


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mika_realist Thank you lady, Nice song and Nice voice!

chesterp Lovely voice! Really nice


nikimukhi Alia in the houseeee!! Sounding amazing


viking Sweet sounds

jazzychavo yes! thats it! keep it there! peaaaaace

remulak Smashed it! Great voice


iomega Boom

skamma Nice vocals and a fitty

therealduc Feuuu

simpz1online Jheeze that voice

kyu_tracks Beautifull!

mskal dam the voice is soo pure....

cavemanbeat nice

koryus amazing !!!!

emceegoldy So nice @alia

sertified I think im in love

vicebeats This is so nice Alia!

littlegibz Great Voice

botch Those vocals

gillywun Sick

keiosxlek faatt !!

lastdisciple what the fuck!!! baaaad!

alphamemphis can we do some work together?

abetheproducer on point

ludwigvandub wow nice

beatcotheque this is awesome

mazemusic wow, girl your flow is something else. and that voice! lovely

stiffydakidd Neat graft that 1


krafty DAAAAMN

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rinsulin Absolute

rinsulin Illness

tetopowa This is not ur beat

remulak @tetpowa not my beat?