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Alice Baker

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nikimukhi Dubai

Mandolin Vibing
Beat by kaf_soundz
Lovely beat @kaf_soundz!! Got me vibing with the #mandolin


excessivedel Sick mannnn :)))

brokenlandbeats Nice

kaf_soundz Damn I always wanted to know how to play an instrument like that it's crazy


bluecanarinho Need more of this music in bahrain man!! fuego

djevidenz Sick riff

nikimukhi Thank you guys!! @lokick @brokenlansbeats @kaf_sounds @beaturself @bluecanarinho @djevidenz

beaturself you're welcome nikimukhi, I can't shut up when I got goose bumps like this

chrismunky yes!

djvadim Sick g!!! We should of work!!

nikimukhi Thanks G!! @chrismunky

nikimukhi Yeah man that'd be sick @djvadim hit me on email anytime

casualness Bro all great stuff! Big up

nikimukhi @casualness thanks G!!

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mick_swagger @harq with the absolute heat. Business as usual. #harq #quadrivium


cocoabeatz hard body fam