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shivani Ahlowala

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blacksmith Big ups - you smashed it!

nikimukhi Awesome!!

yoits3030 Awesome!!!

spaceplant Killer

foreignbeggars You killin em baby

elbs Amazing voice

djevidenz Great !

raad Incredible

si_phili Beautiful voice.

jyager "you got it" amazing

vicebeats This is so nice Alia!

tomcaruana Sounds great


natasha so turned on right now..

nikimukhi @nidkid x

babasnook Go girl, mashallah beautiful voice

jimmydubplate Pure talent. The sky is the limit.

fdot1 BIG!!!

offthericta Holy fucking goosebumps you are absolutely incredible!!

nikimukhi @manlikejon tap the beat icon in the top right to see the beat any video is made on... This particular beauty is by a dude called @blacksmith

blacksmith @nikimukhi @manlikejon

oab Wow <3

since I like that facts

rebelaca pretty cool dude...

quantumatics Nice nice, feel like collabing?

alphamemphis very nice voice

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gnarlydavidson You are very skilled this is amazing

just_joe Dope flows!

normoddity Sick!

alowala Thanks gnarly! Lyrics from The Coconut Song :) one love

mrchisti Heavy, really dope :)

jyager Love this...



graziella Hero!


alowala Thanks for all the love

cobes Niceness!!!


hank_hiller Yeah smashed it!