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amacclvlz @raad thank you my g !

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Wee number I slung together tonight, keeping it simple ya know #hiphop #beats #instrumental #glasgow #ukhh #ughh... read more


amacclvlz I need this mannnnn

tuner0ner @amacclvlz will fire you the fully through!

amacclvlz @tuner0ner hit me with it in Facebook

digitalt Just what I wanted. Gonna try spit on this tonight!

tuner0ner Nice one @digitalt looking forward to hearing it!

raad nice

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woodley yes bruv

amacclvlz @mwoodley I'm gonna need that beat trust me haha ! #GlasgowBars

woodley @amacclvlz full beat on my soundcloud, will turn download on when I get home so help yourself!

amacclvlz @mwoodley sick Bruvva ! #Gla2Ldn link up !

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amacclvlz Thanks bro

ogie Feelin this