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Metteyya Ambriel

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ambriel I love it! Voice is amazing. Thank you

monsieureone Fire ! love your voice !


da_ruff_poet I love your voice fiona we should do a track together!!

fionajane Thanks @da_ruff_poet I'm at

da_ruff_poet Cant wait... Whats the concept of the song...?

fionajane @da_ruff_poet sorry been away from brapp! This was basically about world going to shit. :/ not sure if there's any positive spin!

da_ruff_poet You ok sweetie??

da_ruff_poet Use the mishaps for fuel... To write another awesome song!!

da_ruff_poet Use what your going through as fuel and inspiration to sing your pain out.....

quest Love it!

djez Brapppp !!

bilshot lush voice! nice lyrics :) you on soundcloud?

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nikimukhi Dubai

Mandolin Jam
Beat by ambriel
Big up @ambriel with the vibey beat... Had to lay some #mandolin #frees on it


physiks yes!!

eightysix Manhandelindamandolin like a pro

ambriel u riddiqlus widit maan..

ambriel yes.. fuggin yup


nikimukhi Big ups guys @ambriel @eightysix @physiks

cwjones sickkkkk !!

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fionajane Love this

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