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Jordan Mauger

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sosouthern LOL you absolutely crack me up, good to see you on here, big up Dave each and every!

foreignbeggars YES YES!!! Don Stormin insiiiiiide

storminmc Foreign beggars woiiiiiii huge fan and massive respect

therealelement It's going down on the app for real

foreignbeggars @storminmc vice versa my don!! Respect

anicesouvenir Faaaack Owwwwf...too

weztax @todouble

j69 Yes my man hahaha love it ! Thanks for ripping the beat !

3000bass Oi oi oi

00doylej01 Lool that is sick

oooops DON


mrchisti Smashed it!

amacclvlz Salute your a legend haha !

hank_hiller AHAHAHA

leonfyah This is the best shiz I seen on here jeeeez don MICROWAVE SEE MAN DONT KNOW BOUT..... MICROWAVE

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jyager @djevidenz

wilstar Yes brother, barz

jyager @wilstar big up bro love

djevidenz Yes man! Thank you for the big ups, that's over-appreciated. You kill the flow as always, I always check your vids too, u got many swords

jyager @djevidenz blessing my g.. Love. Hit me up on my email bro let's build.

jyager @solow you dunknow

djevidenz Yeah man. At the moment only dealing with exclusives. But il keep you in mind and see if there's something I can throw your way for nuttin, coz u got skills broski

jyager @slugman blessings bro

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skinzmann Fully sickkkk bigup @mcjumanji #usGrime #UK2US Miami link up #brappTV

atari Killed it

jyager @mcjumanji big up my g!!!! Sick bro

polonis jheeze

jrokkamusic double time beazT

fdot1 Solid!!

doncotti yes my g

kyu_tracks Dope!

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lowlife Nice wit it!!