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Stan Smith

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dosgringos Nice!!!

hank_hiller Yeah this ones chill

adibanti Sweet one

physiks siiick!


mrconcept Nce beat. Maddy Brodrick should get on this.

tywhite S

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Instances - PROD. Atrox Beats
New beat, up on da youtube! Check me out Youtube: Atrox Beats


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deadott heavy!

jonnycapicola @deadott thanks!!!

zarahjones HUGE!!! Loving this

atroxbeats This is a tune mate!

joeyhargs smokin!!!!!

psychrome Still loving this mate!

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story telling beat
i made this a bout a year ago or even more, not perfect as i was like 13 but still, thought id upload it, who can...


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jonnycapicola This is really cool!!!

atroxbeats Cheers geeza @Jonnycapiola

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first rap attempt
Im 14. i got this beat from @chairmanmaf, cheers!


atroxbeats I really don't know what I'm doing on this app haha

jonnycapicola Awesome!!!

atroxbeats Thanks man! @jonnycapicola