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Sean Wythe

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lastdoghung Nice bars mate! 🔥

aziam @lastdoghung safe man bless

officialtommyd Phat barring cuz and sick poster still 💨💨💨💨

aziam @officialtommyd bless g, got mad bars too bruddah

officialtommyd Respect fam collaboration is in order soon cuz you on that?!🔥

aziam Yeah G I'm down @officialtommyd

officialtommyd Follow me on Twitter fam @OfficialT0mmyD and we'll get something done after Christmas 💯👊🏻🔊

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New bars
Beat by skitzbeatz


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sonofkick Big up g!

aziam @sonofkick safe g

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Beat by huskybeats


huskybeats Man your bars on this is sick big up

aziam @mazekidbeats Bless man, appreciate that.... Big up the instrumental

huskybeats Do you have a home studio @aziam

aziam @mazekidbeats Na man, keep it raw.... Write bars in my room, spit bars in my room

huskybeats @aziam fair play bro good stuff though

aziam @mazekidbeats you to man, beatz going in hard

huskybeats @aziam respect man let me know if you need anymore

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Mixin it up
Beat by lastdoghung


lastdoghung Great bars! Really feeling that, cheers

aziam Thanks brother, appreciate that a lot ✌🏽️🙌🏽 @lastdoghung

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anabolicbeats Nice one mate!

aziam @anabolicbeats bless man 👊🏽

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