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trademarkblud Telford


trademarkblud @lrd


sonorous_ dope as Fxk!

retro Pure dope

trademarkblud @longblu thanks

trademarkblud Biggup @retro nice one G

rkivemusic boom!!!

raad Nice

rizz Fucking bars straight fire bro

kinetiks Yes bruv. Sick

ixist Sik


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badhabitz Woiiiii!!! Smashed it cuzzy



feedthemindbars That's tight dog. You bodied it!

devize dope bro

axpmp Check out my beats man!

mateyboy danger

mikeson1 Sick flow!

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

nonsprod boom

bnjammin Steezy

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lastdisciple now thats hard!!

nato I'm gonna do anuva one on this

v15 Those drums are rockin me out of my sanity. So good.

bigshamu To good to pass up

raad boom

gezoegreen Hard

dirtybuckle Dope beat!

kinetiks Oh shit!!! This is my next one

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tomryan God fucking damn!!! This would get abused! Absolute

lastdisciple #badhabitz this is so good!! @tomryan get one done bruv!!

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honourstea Got some fuego coming for this one. DAAAAAMN this is

danielvillegas I would like to collab with you... This beat is fire!!!

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room237beats Sick one

spunscum this is fucking heavy suuuuun

lomax oh shit

kinetiks Mmmm yeah!

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User @badhabitz's avatar

illuminative Heavy

monstermatt Oh man I gotta freestyle

shorts Do you mind if I use this beat for a Brapp video?

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#Genres & Description


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yogi love the little instrument bend at th en dof bars

domin8tion It's hard to kick bad habits!!DOPE

ded_tebiase this is fucking nuts man!!

badhabitz @ded safe donny

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futurarhymez Yes man!! This is wicked

rhysraps Thanks g!! Big ups

budhoundz Sick bruv!!!

madengo Yes g

eightysix Yes Rhys

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sizezero @badhabitz this beat is nuts!!! Your the truth!! My bad for shouting out " nasty habits " in the video I'm mad blazed

thebreaks gwaan zero

foreignbeggars Zunga

sizezero @thebreaks @foreignbeggars

raad oh shizzz

sizezero @raad bro

badhabitz Bang

sizezero @badhabitz respect bruvah!!! Your beats are INSANE!!!!

foreignbeggars Vibes

sizezero @foreignbeggars Big up!!!!

eightysix GO ON

sizezero @eightysix much love brother!!! Your a beast with it man!!!

badhabitz Safe man, respect

vicebeats Yes Bruv!

sizezero @vicebeats nice one bruvah

cecilmcfarrell BOOM!!

sizezero @cecilmcfarrell respect man!! added you a couple of times but seems to keep unfollowing you for some reason!!

cecilmcfarrell Safe man. You a Bristol lad then?

sizezero @cecilmcfarrell nah mate,south London ( Brixton ) but the producer who made the beat is from Bristol I believe ( he's split prophets ) producer!!!

cecilmcfarrell Ahhhh, I see. Yeah I knew he's SP's producer. I'm just down the road from those boys. Glastonbury!

sizezero @cecilmcfarrell aw wicked!! Glastonbury not far from them sides is it!! Just watched one of ur brapps,u got a dope flow!!!

cecilmcfarrell @sizezero respect brudda, check out Clockin up the mileage' on the tube if you get a chance. Parky on the beat. Seriously feelin your vibe/flow....ill

sizezero @cecilmcfarrell " still a good runner,but I've beat every panel in " JEEEEEEZ one for the graff heads!!! whole track is crazy!!! Proper feeling that man!! Much respect man!!

cecilmcfarrell Thanks man. Glad we've linked. Might have to collab

sizezero Yeah ditto man!! Def bruvah

madengo ooooooofff

sizezero @alexnstewart respect!!!!