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Bailey S Brown

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jackiebond Denver

jackiebond haha...good looks, bb!

baileysbrown Yo what’s good bro, u made the final 3 but we need email addy and Instagram handle to contact u bro

baileysbrown @jackiebond bro u won, hit us up

antidote33 So much for 16th deadline


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lasusz Wrocław
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los Canada

Gimme that
Beat by baileysbrown
Turns out the my phone only picks up the mic for the left side! #baileysbrown #gimmethat #potentfunk #murdernation... read more


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cheece London
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cunch Bristol

antidote33 Best 1 I seen yet

cunch @antidote33 love bro 👊🏼

raad 👊🔥

cunch @raad bless up G

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hypemansage London

Gimme competition
Beat by baileysbrown
Nice one Mike for tagging me in that post. Banged out a quick 16 for the comp. #stillfresh #brapptv #potentfunk


jackiebond haha...tight!

drweathers Love this! Goofy as fuck! Yes!! 👊

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mulimc Cheltenham

samthomas Skipping those flows bro! Sounding niceee

mulimc @samthomas Thanks bro ✌🏾✌🏾

sublingual 💪💪

mulimc @sublingual 👊🏾👊🏾

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MC Artist
Beat by baileysbrown
Here is my entry big up eveyone who entered. #StillFresh #Brapptv #PotentFunk


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cunch Somerset

Gimme Dat Freestyle
Beat by baileysbrown
My competition entry for the gimme dat freestyle, vless up


cunch #dabbla @baileysbrown #highfocus #potentfunk #rap #bars

cunch #stillfresh

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jehnsen Belfast