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Baishe Kings

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raad yes 👊🔥💯

baishekings swaishe!

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baishekings dabb on em [¬_¬]

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stlr83 @keiosxlek

keiosxlek Bruuuuhhh !!!! 👊🏻🔫💯🔥

stlr83 Skuuu 🖐🏽💥😈

baishekings ill!

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boneintell Newark

baishekings we keeps it Lit!

boneintell tru indeed @baishekings

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nickytaurus Doncaster
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penfoldpoet London

baishekings vibe viiibe #swaishe get them digits

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baishekings YES M8! #swaishe

penfoldpoet We all need to collaborate

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Let's see what you got [¬_¬]


nikimukhi Yes 👊🏽👊🏽

budhoundz So chill man 👊🏻👊🏻

mrfayyaz I really like this. Dope.

penfoldpoet I had fun on this riddim. Most Likes - Blessings

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Drunk freestyle
Beat by baishekings
Never a truer word said than in jest...


stretchmc @baishekings sorry man... Lol

baishekings @stretchmc looooool Swaishe man keep up the vibes 👑

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raad 👊🔥

baishekings Siiiiiiiiiick [~_~] 👑👊🏾

foreignbeggars ill guy

ambishn 🙏🏼

larry check the youtube 1m