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Joel Watts

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evalazarus jheeeeeeeeeeez

djevidenz Grime ain't my ting, but can't lie, that was flow !


phoebeirondread @djevidenz bless up yo! And @evalazarus Nuff love as always sis x

cobes Irondready!! Dem nah ready!!!

gardna Nang


dsgryme Feelin it

tnrt Flames!!! check me out for fresh grime beats

keiosxlek good flooow

dotgotbeats Dope Flow

nebula_beatz Incredible !! Check my profil

specialists Dope, feelin the flows Miss!

techno12345 Yeeeeaaaaa good Stuff brutal

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phoebeirondread Jeheeze

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david_amelei Smashed it

yorkz Respect bro

immoral This was sick YORKZ bro

yorkz Safe Immoral!

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User @bamalam's avatar

nikimukhi Yes @bamalam ! ... If you want to upload beats you can do it by pressing the Upload button that is on the top right of your home feed (via Dropbox or Google Drive)... or from your computer using the site

bamalam Ok thanks! @niki2balls also does that then make the beats public access or just usable on your account??

kingpin Also if you record using solo function there's no music attached to the recording... So you can have a beat playing out you own stereo.. If ta get me

bamalam @kingpin perfect thanks!

nikimukhi Hey. All beats that are uploaded to Brapp are open for anyone to perform on

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challis_uk I'll beat man!

stnmn I fucks with this. Nice one bro

setatrendr2s Fire

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