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Mr Basista , Basista / Tom @basista's cover photo on Brapp.
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basista @litework beat isssss dooooppppeee

skankdown Hahaha! This is pure awesome 👊

basista Thanks @iamtrefor 👨🏻👍🏼

keiosxlek bruuh ahah

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ptredeyez Oiiii

tharelic22 Lmao!!!! Da puppet part is hilarious!! Like da flow too!!

basista @ptredeyez @tharelic22 thanks !!

atroxbeats haha that is sick

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basista @decidenz #realfreestyles @foreinbeggars tasty beat walk home n that

foreignbeggars Haha sick guy

djevidenz Ha haaa u mutts, cheers 4 choosing my beat bro

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basista @samjusnow beat is live o

samjusnow 😂😂😂 bars!! Respect bro!!

basista Thanks mane beat is ridiculous

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basista @foreignbeggars lets hear what u were thinking?

basista @inja ??

inja Done the quick thing!!

basista @inja heavy weight

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Too Gassed To Be On These Streets
Beat by basista
Just a redo for my nc17 rated previous version


mcjumanji @foreignbeggars @starvingyetfull

mcjumanji @basista

wayneross Hard

jyager @mcjumanji this is sick g..

starvingyetfull Sick @mcjumanji

basista Yes yes #americangrime killing it bro !

qperman AG!

jrokkamusic check out... fya rounds 1 & 2 !!! GRIME FYA for ya

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basista @foreignbeggars @mcjumanji @starvingyetfulll bars?

basista @mangasthilare ??