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Bear Beats Clothing

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foreignbeggars illi

00doylej01 Sick beat man

albarizza I am a fan x

jadehannah Hi i saw you're status on facebook. Im a female singer and would love to work with some people on backing or chorus in hip hop. Here's my you tube channel There is some where i'm singing and left the rest for an mc. Fair enough if this is not something you're looking for. peace :)

innatej Nice! Had to lay something on this


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bigg22 Love your style and voice really wanna work with you x

jdogg Best thing about coming back to Brapp after so long is getting to see that beautiful face and all your new content impressed on how much your doing watching your progress daily motivates me well done

aemzo @jdogg yeassss jdogg what's going on ? Yerboi I been hitting it daily , u no what time it is ! Thanks for the support . I'm just about to head to ur page. Hope I got new content for me too stay bless

aemzo @4evablessed hope u* @jdogg

bigg22 @4evablessed mines get at me plz s

jdogg @4evablessed just seen the reply darling sorry got a galaxy s8 instead of my iPhone not realising brapp still isn't on Android message me on here if there is another way to stay in contact till I'm active again

da_ruff_poet You are so hot

aemzo @da_ruff_poet

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casb Belo Horizonte
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New beat I knocked up exclusively for Brapp! Can't wait to hear the styles!! #hiphop #ukhiphop #boombap... read more


dugus Dope pand, knock me something like that up and we're dancing

dugus Ha

pandamoniumuk haha! I'll keep that in mind @dugus

thesinger I just started following you off this track. Can’t wait to start writing. So dope

conradindigo Eyyyyy

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foreignbeggars SHOOOOGEZZZ

raad Sweg

cliquetracks Yaww!!

nostrotech Fire!!! We found the new Busta here! :-D

wakko_beatz Straight firee

bgfrecords Like your flow. Dm us on insta @bgfrecords

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alleydarklight dopeeeee flow and prod !!! dinwwww bruhhhh i save it ahahahaha


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microdotcotton Mate I really love your voice. Proper raw


aemzo @daboymelo

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Murder The Beat - Scrambled by Ekspan
Can you Murder The Beat? Upload an Instagram video (Monday-Friday) for the chance of a repost on Cypher Circuit, plus... read more



carleto Liking your ethos :) check out my beats if ya get a mo. easy now

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mic check one two one two


dosgringos Leafy with another banger as per usual !

mojo Brapp Brapp!

challis_uk Yeah. Big beat

2shy Such a don @leafdog

karm_one ill!

druid Bigger than big

docskeng This beat g!!!

ptfresh @leafdog I’m gonna repost a killing spree on this beat! Shmraap

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harvsletoad heat. howll if u need any beats.

gi3mo @harvsbeats nice 1 bruvva

mrchisti Dude u are straight up one of my all time favourite emcees! Keep smashing it!!!

cobes DURTTT!!!!

mrchisti That was me mate! Lol

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