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Jim Fox

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datavelli @konchis141

prysds My G.

prysds Dopest in the uk right now.

datavelli @prysds much respect g, let's get this collab poppin!

prysds Yeah bro. Imma grab some beats FB me your email or suttin and I'll get em to ya!

datavelli Dealt with. Big up

percyfilth On east street and not said woddurp!!!

konchis141 🔥🔥🔥

datavelli @percyfilth I know man, I need ur digits

rosscheese Dopeness

casablanca Ahhh this is crazy!

awfer_cot Yes matt, killing it

stnmn 🔥Swim the channel you still ain't fit to shine my shoe 🔥

docskeng Going in g

shacks My g

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Nasty Little Nobhead...
Beat by ghosttownbeats
Wrote this to ghost towns beat on the bus this morning... London heads grizzling in the rain... #ghosttown props for... read more


genghisdaze There's plenty too fuel these bars of 🔥

innatej Nice nice 👌🏻👊🏻

staykonked Ayyy that was live!!

silverback So good👊

mczani Yes Diz!! Respect g

grillo Hot damnnn

azlan unreal

cyphercircuit 👌🏻

seldom Who's undone your plumbing whilst you're lacking pipe dreams. Flame!

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sam_harvey Sick, wish I could do some of that 😄

beatfox #brappbeatboxchallenge

genghisdaze Sick as fuck!

sam_harvey Saw you at the Uk champs congrats on 2nd place 😊