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Brapp Beat by @kompoze: "constant elevation"

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tomryan Quality best man,love it!

tomryan *beat

lastdisciple thats a monster

witnessmc Too ill brudda! Bashed a 16 out on this just now

shotstoppa Murky

Videos on constant elevation

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pai mai
Beat by kompoze
quite like these bars


kompoze Big ups bro dope stuff

lastdisciple might have to rerecord this properly

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Wes Allen - Kompose
Beat by kompoze
Yo I'm trying to get more followers out here lol! Nah for real big up @kompose banging instro mate! Hit dat


wesallen Ah shit I spelled his name wrong sorry bro! @kompoze

foreignbeggars My G

wesallen Bless fam @foreignbeggars

kompoze Jeez!! You smashed it man big ups!!

5stageneral Moooosive bars bra!!

kompoze Yo you got any tracks online anywhere I can check?

wesallen No tracks online but I'm down to put in work fam Is there a dm on this so we can exchange contacts?

tomryan All hail the King!

kompoze If you're on Facebook add me, there's a link on my profile here bro

lastdisciple wesallen dope like opium bruv

leen This is just too heavy!!!

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nikimukhi Al Satwa

diligentfingers Once again, Beautiful

hozay Niccccce my type of shit right here

riddla This is fire

nikimukhi BIG up you guys!! @diligentfingers @hozay @riddla @scratch4cash More to come sooon

lavniv Absolutely love this!x

nikimukhi @lavniv thank you kindly!! X

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When I'm Needing Paradise...
Beat by kompoze
Little ditty off my solo Ep, in the works at the minute. Shouts to @kompoze on the beat! #HipHop


markie4eyez Sonic boooooooooom

kompoze Yoo, dope stuff man flow is on point

witnessmc Much love to y'all @markie4eyez @kompoze @twizzy