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Brapp Beat by @lrd: "Soul"

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jdanproductions Real nice !!

timeoutbeats Dopeness

lrd @jdanproductions @smackobeats @timeoutbeats Thank you.

3mb4 this beat is fireee bro!!! i need this

kyu_tracks Dope!

retro Message 4 embaone - wanna link bro but your email don't work to contact u

retro LRD beatz are simply dope bro. Would love to bless some of your trax

retro EmAil me

retro Nuttin ventured nuttin gained holla


lrd Of course. I'll send you some stuff this weekend.

retro Safe and respect

retro Send me those beatz LRD

lrd @retro Done.

retro Respect got dem. I'll holla back soon LRD

nook sick beat!

eightysix SOUNDS BIG

lrd @eightysix thank you. You got something for it?

eightysix Can write to this too easy .

jonb1 Im gonna have to like and repost all your beats man. So sick g

lrd @eightysix @jonb1

3mb4 @retro add me on facebook bro

3mb4 @eightysix u wanna collab on dis beat bro??

eightysix Sure bloody @embaone

lrd @eightysix @embaone that would be big

3mb4 @eightysix wicked ill inbox ya on fb

retro @embaone add u on Facebook bro. L

retro @embaone @LRD I'm up for proper collabos if u on it. Hit me up

lrd @futurarhymez thank you bro

futurarhymez Anytime don! What you think of the video I did man??


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lrd BANG!

thebreaks Dope

milver Nice....?!??!!! Played it twice. Good sentiments in that one.

adah Haaaardd

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lrd Respect bro

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Beat by lrd
Give us a listen and a like and show some love thanks to everyone for supporting the dream Much love to... read more


eemmmmmm Madness. Congrats on being verified. ~ EM

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Insomnia flows 8/15
Beat by lrd
LRD with another banger I ain't even know existed. Thanks to @raad for reposting it. #bjornmajestik... read more


lrd Killin' it brother!

bjornmajestik @LRD it's the beats homie. I just flow. So allow me to thank you. Thank You!

raad So sick

bjornmajestik @raad thanks homie!!

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lrd Killed this bro.

jwalks Thanks Bro Love this beat

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lrd Respect

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3mb4 @lrd wot u sayin for this beat bro


timeoutbeats Dope!!

joeblow Badman!!


docskeng Dope, LRD's a don too! Follow me back and check my beats g!

ortizart sick g

markymarkosa bosh

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A little somethin
Beat by lrd
@chuckbrownlyrics on IG. Chuckbrownlyrics on Soundcloud


mrconcept thats it im calling the fire brigade. :)

chuckbrown @mrconcept thank you, bro

lrd sick

deadott illy


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foreignbeggars Yes Fatz!

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"I wanna get high"
Beat by lrd
@lrd big ups bro! As requested dropped a verse bout smoking that Maui waui! Word...



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Good Luck
Beat by lrd
#blessings from @lrd with those #beats for #days only right he gets #barz for days #hiphop #emcee #LostArtz #boombap... read more


lrd Too much!! I Gotta get your email to send you some bits over brother!

miccalibre most definitely brother, let's work!

illdando ill dandy and Mic Calibre on some lrd haha sick verse by the way brother!

miccalibre Salute bro, enjoyed that session at Madhats last time, that joint was sounding live!

lrd @Miccalibre I just sent an email! Let me know you got it okay. @illdando get involved brother!

miccalibre Got it and replied @lrd Salute