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Brapp Beat by @thepurist: "Pimp Hand"

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newancients This beat is fresh af g!!

saulthesame uhhh!

jeuceman Dope

psyke Slick beat @thepurist

raad Oh yes 👌

saucedallas Dooopeee man!

nikimukhi Soo bad

sundeep oh yes!

geebag Sounds like Roy Ayres

budhoundz Sooo smooth bro!!!

docskeng Young quincey!

sophiejade Sweet

ar521 Funky

12gaugenova How does a bruv get instrumental to spit on? New to this.

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psyke flooding brapp today people! #hiphopforlife

psyke #thepurist

sicksixet Nice flow g

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Midweek Mirky Mornings
Beat by thepurist
woke up late, picked the first banging beat, glad to start rapping up on @BrappTV


thebreaks Dope

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illuminative Rastaman!! So sick bro

jayeff @mchedges ahaaa thanks man

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Getting it
Beat by thepurist
Funktastic regime


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