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Brapp Beat by @oab: "For dun"

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For dun
Ditch the cloaks, don the verse, good luck


jayeff This is ill! Love it

oab Good analogy @slugman

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genghisdaze Damn son! You killed it!

raad the ill flows!

hijack Appreciate it bro more to come

cjburns Love it Powerbomb cheers for the heads up killing it !!

verse1 Don't need to say it mate ur doing splendid sir ,bra bra Jersey rising

crtz Yes yes! Looking forward to more son!

dharmonk_beats yo dope as fuck mate, propps to @oab on the beat

hijack Maaaad respect BIG up OAB

wherry Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Sonnnnnnnnn !!!!!!

slowz Big

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oab we love you to

smod hahaha yes hun hahaha

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oab Draw for the oyster!

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raad Yes!

oab Respect the freeez!

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oab Nice one shuuun!

verse1 Nice one beat man

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be_00 You never disappoint, this is sick

oab ill bars my diggy!!

raad Bringing it! Big OAB on the beat!!

shotstoppa Super Saiyan bars!!!

newancients Sick bro!

oab We should make some more tracks g!

tomryan Hell yea bro,sounds good to me!!

illuminative I'll dismantle with 3 bars and if we spar I'll bang till you see stars' @tomryan real g goin in

tomryan Big up mchedges much appreciated bro

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nikimukhi Sick!!

blksn Thanks bro really appreciated

oab Sick, how do i contact?

blksn Check me out in Fb Emmanuel Simpson

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