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Brapp Beat by @dagnabbit: "Subdub"

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nikimukhi Hey @dagnabbit... When you upload beats add #hashtags so people can search it like #Hiphop #grime #gfunk #london #rapbeats #92bpm

lebreeze @niki2balls you're like the paper clip in Microsoft Office.

raad Like

cryptophone nuys

pravvyprav @nikimukhi

Videos on Subdub

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foreignbeggars Exclusive barz yes anik

lebreeze !!!!!ANIK!!!!! x

cryptophone @lebreeze !!!!!xxx

mrchisti Yes Anik, sik!!! X

cryptophone YES chef chisti! @mrchisti

dagnabbit Anik! Sickness, can't believe we missed you man

cryptophone soon again @dagnabbit! BIG up on the beat

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innatej Respect! You're sick man 👊🏻

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nikimukhi Wussup Abu Dhabiiii! 👊🏽

bro_quest @nikimukhi; nothin to it but to do it 👊🏽

foreignbeggars Bars family!! Abu Dhabi reppin

bro_quest @foreignbeggars: much appreciated! 👌🏽

mrchisti Siiik!! Smashed it my brother ;)

bro_quest @mrchisti: thanks big T!