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Brapp Beat by @lastdoghung: "Find A Way"

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rev_records Dope beat. Just dropped a verse to this

mick_swagger Yeeeeeessss

lastdoghung Optional("")@mick_swagger

lordy This beat is fire man, dropped a freestyle over it earlier, so good!

da_ruff_poet Can I bless this?

lastdoghung Optional("")@da_ruff_poet please do my friend... let me know if you want the full version


marston Boom

lastdoghung Optional("")@marston

orlando_wade Fire! check my beats and see if you can do something to them

kylenmusic Sick!!

jaystarrow Luv lee

lastdoghung @7ordsup3rh11 cheers!

jaystarrow @lastdoghung

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dinorecordz Kanaleneiland
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lastdoghung Nice!

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Beat by lastdoghung
i think i already spat this verse on brapp already but fuck it, lets just pretend


marston Fucking hilarious sick bars

krafty Optional("")@marston hahah thank you!! Glad you enjoyed this one!

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lastdisciple Manchester
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lastdoghung dark!

marston Optional("")@nonsprod

marston Optional("")@lastdoghung beats a banger bro

lastdoghung Optional("")@marston cheers

lordy Haha I love how dark this is man .. keep up the sickness brother

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rv Dubai
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mitvip San Antonio

lastdoghung Nice!

mitvip Thanks brotha! Dope ass beat!

foreignbeggars yeh yeh

mitvip @foreignbeggars thank you bro much love!

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jjas Yartsevo
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younganti Amsterdam