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Brapp Beat by @badhabitz: "Ronnie"

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newancients Beat is ill as fuuuuuck!

5stageneral What's a fella gotta do to get hold of some of these beats????

dizraeli Yes mate very tidy. Props

genghisdaze Pure

missmiakang Seriously

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Last little 8 for ya.
Beat by badhabitz
Danstayspeakk on instagram for all that good shitttt


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foreignbeggars Pavan at par excellence dot net

mcsubliminal Ooooooooosh !

silverback Ill flow

datavelli Flames

illdando Sick bars man!

badhabitz Powpow!!!!

dsgryme Ur hard bro, come bless my beats

yakshi Respekt

prysds Safe lost my headphones to record more so off the radar for a minute but will do soon G

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majestic @flowtecs @sizezero @foreignbeggars

majestic Large up @badhabitz on dis one. Had to go straight in and squeeze as many bars in as possible

majestic @curtcataract

sizezero Jeeeeeeez SMASHED THIS!!!!!

majestic @sizezero safe gg

ptredeyez Sasqwatch dat dont know how to squash da beef!! Cheese on brown bread

majestic @ptredeyez

djvadim Dope bruv

majestic @djvadim thank you bro



majestic @quantumatics @raad

slowz Cold g!

majestic @shadow big ups g

klopex That goes in

majestic @simonjrbeats thank you my dude... you got some dope beats. Let's cook some shit

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badhabitz Smash!!


golddubs Nicely!

User @physiks's avatar

futurarhymez Insane wordplay!

raad this is dope

trickzy Yeah your very good bro. Rate

garage liiivee

jfield Got you on one of the CDs in my car, dunno Illinformed gave them me when I was last chilling with him, not sure if it was jack jetsons album or bills mould tape, but you're the only Scottish rapper I've ever rated lol

budzggg wow

mrconcept Excellent

spacebeats good job !

hollyflo Still sick

bige Dang

danism Proper ! Big ups

abetheproducer nice

sonorous_ You’re taking the fookin piss Breda!!


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slowz Man said Tung fu! That's sick g

badhabitz I don't wanna see no Jackie chan shit

dsgryme Nice, I've got beats that need blessing, more Boom Bap, Grime and RnB coming soon

davebass dude this should be a proper tune. sick!!!!

crtz Big!

lowlife sick with it !

lrd Fire

viciouscreep hahahahaha..............datkid´s the man

mrslipz Killed it g

chase jheeze

beatcotheque bringin the heat!

shrinkmusic bro you could murder my beats hit that shit up.

rollg yah man !

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Bris Fashion (spat sideways)
Beat by badhabitz
#skatenostalgia #bristol dunno why it came out sideways but there you go. Props to @badhabitz for the beat that makes... read more


silverback I know all about the grit in the palms.well saiid

oab AAAAAAah nie!

User @joeshire's avatar

missmiakang Ooooooh yes

saulthesame DTSFAMILIA


monochrome Killed it

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5stageneral @ #badhabitz .... Beat is proper sick! All respect due

tomryan Smashed it Greef!!

silverback Well liked that

genghisdaze Love your style

djevidenz Yes man, love the step over style

josebee Dope