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Brapp Beat by @genghisdaze: "Radioactive butterflies"

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User @genghisdaze's avatar

deadott heavy!!

djevidenz Nice !

genghisdaze @deaddott @djevidenz thanks for the love homies

sizezero This is grimmmmm!!!

harvsletoad Bro .... Pls send me this

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User @moraless's avatar

genghisdaze Dope as fuck! blessed the beat

lrd Dope

moraless @genghisdaze Bigups my g was a blessed beat. @lrd safe fam!!!

harvsletoad Do u actually wear ur shoes back to front that must b well uncomfortable cuz

moraless @harvsnbone Yh g that's my steez, haha!

harvsletoad Seriously ????

moraless Nah course not G I just smoke my spliff backwards sometimez

User @gig19's avatar

lrd as always

kompoze Killing it on the daily

gig19 Ohhhhhh you lot make me happs!!! Thank you! There your beatz that are sick tho! @kompoze @lrd ps. Gonna email you back in a couple hours @lrd

genghisdaze Love it! Always on point

gig19 Thank you @genghisdaze your beats are perfect


gig19 Xxx @raqueldivar

zarahjones Voice love you chick!!!! Email me!!! I got Suttin for us to work on

harvsletoad Nice !

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User @el_jistos's avatar

cydemc Nice my man , can't hear the beat but haha

genghisdaze I like it bro! Can't hear the beat, but drop me a line! I like your style

el_jistos @cydemc @genghisdaze cheers guys.