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Brapp Beat by @skinzmann: "Wow Riddim"

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Wow Riddim
Grime / Trap Instrumental Pads & Strings, Haunted Theme


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caravanerecords Grimeeeee!

keiosxlek Daaaammmnn !!!


jayelflex Yo check my prods homie :)

diddz will do bro!

ideenoire big level

tygerj Nice roll over ;) tidy work

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illaman Yo @JMAN over to you g.

nikimukhi Insideeeeee

foreignbeggars mad ting!!!!

pyne Yep

raad ill

rejuraps woi oi

danieldan Cheers @illaman big ups! Nice tag with @JMAN

mrreem Tchek my prods man

mczani jeez!!

koryus goood v!


gardna Bad man

russtafari Pure ! If you have a moment, I would love to hear you spit on one of my beats.

jimscreechy its like the beards giving man magical powers and dem ting deh...Fire bars bruddah vet status

mrsymphony @mangoman

mrsymphony @mangoman


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Painted smile
Beat by skinzmann
Check out my other vids! #Grime #Movements #AintNoClown (cheeky D.E.V. at the end)


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skinzmann Woiiii

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skinzmann Pure fire bigup

willb Banger man, I've dropped you a lil Facebook message if you can check g!


rinsulin Too wavy

graziella @jyager

jyager Boooooommm!!!!!

jyager @Graziella

joecain Hahaha. smashed it

anicesouvenir The force awakens it's gonna be a civil war! Gully man assemble!


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gr4hm #SoleDXB

gr4hm #Brapptv

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