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Brapp Beat by @brokenlandbeats: "The way we were"

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The way we were
Nostalgic Classic Hip Hop


jmac Yeah I'm feeling this one

eightysix Misty water coloured Memories

newancients Let the ochestra play!

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tomryan Good to see you on here Bruva!!

nephilim Yeah I thought fuck it see what's going on haha I just done some other one and it crashed ha

tomryan Haha happens to me all the time,always some sort of distortion with mine as I live in the mountains lol

brapp Hey guys.. Brand new update is out today pls update the app and check out the new interface

foreignbeggars ill guy

nephilim Woah holy shit big up foreign beggars

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brokenlandbeats Dope

maticmouth @brokenlandbeats as is the beat


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sonnydispo Thank you @brokenlandbeats ! Beautiful instrumental