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Brapp Beat by @badhabitz: "Jeis beat"

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3mb4 ur illl bro

jaysu Cool!

insight I'm gonna spit on this tomorrow.

geebag Has this beat been used properly? Really nice man. Love to hear the track

badhabitz @geebag nah man, if u got something for it lets do it!

geebag Cheers man @badhabitz

aemzo Ragh dope

Videos on Jeis beat

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bigmungz Portsmouth

Thieves and Rogues
Beat by badhabitz
Saturday morning scribbles


rbtovitocrew I wish u could see my reactions HipHop!!!!

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oneoz Put it all in for a shoddy return...HEAT!


eightysix "I try'd to improve my bond with the Earth but that won't come till I'm one with the Earth "

koryus ;) good !!!!

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nikimukhi Dubai

sicksixet oh my ......this!!!!

nikimukhi Thanks G!! @sicksixet

nikimukhi Thanks for sharing @madhu

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raad Yes bruv


cliquetracks Yessirr!!!

witnessmc my fucking dude!!

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lrd Dope

shotstoppa @lrd peace.

eightysix Was gonna write a comment .... Instead I will listen again .

shotstoppa @eightysix thanks man, big up mongo! respect everytime.

zarahjones Nice! Really nice! #REWIND

shotstoppa Bless Up @zarahjones thank you. I feel your vocals and lyrics a lot.

zarahjones Appreciated!

lrd This is so sick man . Absolutely murdered this. Need to get you on one of mine man.

shotstoppa @lrd big up fam thank you.. you've got a lot of inspiring tracks. definitely start writing and get one done

lrd Thank you! I look forward to it bro, let's take this app over. #shutdown



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iomega Yes maan

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iomega #icefire

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Déjà vu
Beat by badhabitz


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lordy Absolute FIRE bro! .. bars on point and delivery goes with the beat so fucking well! .. keep it up

marston Optional("")@lordy bless ups bro

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futurarhymez Yes man!! This is wicked

rhysraps Thanks g!! Big ups

budhoundz Sick bruv!!!

madengo Yes g

eightysix Yes Rhys

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caravanerecords Check my page dude, hot production

jazzychavo these vibes are nice man!

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eightysix #WORLDCYPHER big up @badhabitz . Music too nice

eightysix Verse two counteraction /colab Curtsey of myself thanks for the outspirtion @shellyskrufayce

shotgunshell Loooove! The flow

3mb4 ur sickkkkk bro!!!!!!

eightysix Once again I appreciate the appreciation Stay creating @shellyskrufayce @embaone

eightysix BIG UP @badhabitz see what your music does

crtz Light headed like solvents! everytime mongo!

eightysix @crtz

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harambe Are you wanking in this vid

akem_manah Sleeping tablet lol

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cloudy @boombapfestival

cloudy #boombapfestival

eightysix Well I did not expect that

eightysix Go on cloudy