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Brapp Beat by @mskal: "Cartel (Am instrumentale)"

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mskal @ptredeyez @neida @ugz @divineson check this one.....

ptredeyez Cool mate. I'm on demand with other music but will have a bash at it asap! My don

mskal with pleasure my friend, when u have time see ya.....

nikimukhi This is massive!!

mskal thks @nikimukhi.....

eightysix YEP YEP YEAH

mskal thks @eightysix...

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mskal youuuuuuhouuuu nice bro, Big up @harq

mick_swagger Haaaaarq when you gonna drop some more fire?

miccalibre Heavy! Bless

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miccalibre London

starseedbeats Cool flow on this one good job

miccalibre @starseedbeats cheers bruv

quest Im a Stark in the midst of these Lannisters!

miccalibre @quest yes yes my brother #TeamStark haha

mskal nice work bro i share directly peace @miccalibre

miccalibre Safe @mskal dope beat!

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mskal waouuuu!!!!!!! much respect divineson.......

mskal I re-post directly......

lastdisciple dope beat brother 👊🏽

lastdisciple @mskal can i get this beat bro?

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mskal validé et reposté direct..... Merci a toi @zarahjones.

zarahjones Merci x

nebula_beatz Cool

indigo Wah hear that all the way

zarahjones Thank you x

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It's not me (
Beat by mskal
Excuse the peeking! I CANNOT GET THE MICS TO PIC UP MY VOCAL WITHOUT PEEKING! Unless I stand in another room 😡😡😤😤


ptredeyez Oiiii you're naughty!

mskal Amazing @zarahjones.......

zarahjones Thank you!

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Test brapp v2.0 @mskal
Beat by mskal
#freestyle #rap#reggae#ragga#french#mskalproduction


mskal Tu fait carrément plaisir hugo ci-mer!!!!!!!!! je t'oublie pas pour la prod poto