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Brapp Beat by @hardheaded_prod: "Trust Me"

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zarahjones Burnham Market

Learn the hard way
Beat by hardheaded_prod
Brandy lyrics on this beat are fire!


hardheaded_prod AmaZing

zarahjones @hardheaded_prod wanna make it a full track? I’d love to work on this if you do?

zarahjones @hardheaded_prod

hardheaded_prod @zarahjones yes I would totally be down for a collab how long would you want it?

zarahjones @hardheaded_prod ahhh brilliant!!! Could you make it 4 mins long. I’ll cut what I don’t need my end

zarahjones @hardheaded_prod thank you!!!!

hardheaded_prod @zarahjones I sent it

zarahjones @hardheaded_prod on it!


rhobeats Beautiful voice

lazemz excellent

zarahjones Thank you I

zarahjones Thank you guys

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