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Videos on Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk by critical_music

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witnessmc @smoking_souls big ups g!!

anonomass wheres ya soul at boi

witnessmc @anonomass in the bars bled

barz Boom

goldybeats waou great

goldybeats need you on my beats

djlethalskillz Praaaaaaaaaa'! Salute

grillo So good

nebula_beatz i am a young French independent label, and we would like to know if a collaboration is possible? We would like to collate on a mixtape: 12 French artists and 12 English or American artists. This project will not commercial , but will be distributed free way and its purpose will be to promote these artists and more broadly the Hip Hop culture. If this project motivates you check me on cheers

witnessmc @nebula_beatz add me on facebook dude, witty mcwitness I do all my music talk through there. Big ups for reaching out fam

witnessmc @smoking_souls sorry dude never come on here! Hit the facebook witty mcwitness and we can discuss shit!

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Still learning the ways of this app
Beat by critical_music
So... Basically stumbled upon this app, and have been toying around with it today. Haven't taken any sort of tutorial... read more


foreignbeggars bars