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Brapp Beat by @foreignbeggars: "BOSH PRODUCED BY @BANGZY"

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WANNA FEATURE ON A FOREIGN BEGGARS RECORD You have a week to submit your verses through on the BOSH instrumental.... read more




distrackt Such a dope beat big ups

cannonmuzik How do I submit? I already recorded a verse to it

potentprophet How do I submit a verse?

sicksixet ah i need to hit this beat

doctor Hey bro I’m a beginner rapper and I think I could do great

foreignbeggars @potentprophet , @cannonmuzik, @doctor, all you gotta do is record a vid on the beat and it’s a submisiion

doctor @foreignbeggars can u follow me on ig my name on there is acrouze I would like to talk about it on there

cannonmuzik Optional("")@foreignbeggars it’s submitted !! Dope beat for sure

doctor Optional("")@foreignbeggars yo I followed u on ig and sent u a text

doctor Optional("")@foreignbeggars I posted the video and tagged u in it

ptredeyez OK THEN!

lb_the_oxymoron Tried recording to this 11 times and at crashes! Anybody experiencing the same ?

lemz @foreignbeggars dropped on the beat posted n tagged u. Fuckry this app only for Apple. Got it done tho

k4set So we can only upload on an Iphone?

aemzo I really wanna submit but brapp is on a wile out

lb_the_oxymoron Optional("")@aemzo I tried over 15 times yesterday

ladyeclectic @foreign the app keeps crashing I also tried a couple times

kordas check me out, if you like it, hit me up

jhurley Optional("")@foreignbeggars wicked done

klotz Yo when are the finalists being announced? @foreignbeggars

mashg4n Optional("")@foreignbeggars did I do mine in time ?

stiffydakidd Like this

killer 666

romka Q

klotz Yo, who won the verse? @foreignbeggars

nitel_p A W E S O M E!


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dwebbmusic Peoria
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distrackt Perth
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Beat by foreignbeggars
Mad love to the beggars! New vid is illy.


matka boom

coryoh Tight!

mrflex Like u flow! Good luck!

mrflex Like u flow! Good luck!

raqueldivar @Matka

raqueldivar @meflex thank you!!!

dzalarap Congrats!

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casualness Ha bro maybe I’ll post 1st written.. 3style 1st- no@time no@late feel

ixist What language is this

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dzalarap Barcelona

Beat by foreignbeggars
Some raps for the Bosh contest! A song with @foreignbeggars ? Yes please!. #rap #music #sound #barcelona #barna... read more



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jwalks CB22
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kon Worthing

foreignbeggars Yo what’s your Twitter

kon @foreignbeggars @kon_standen

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jdogg Coventry
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ian_e Ringwood

Bosh it worked
Beat by foreignbeggars
Quick jam to #bosh #foreignbeggars this time it didnt crash!!


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jhurley Milton Keynes
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foreignbeggars Dope.. what’s your Twitter b

cannonmuzik Appreciate it my Twitter is Cannonmuzik

sts10 Check out my new beats bro!! You gonna love it.. try it

cannonmuzik Optional("")@sts10 hell yeah bro! Beats are dope! I’m gonna write something to one of them tomorrow! I was playing around with one earlier! Did a cool Yelawolf impersonation

sts10 Thanks a lot!! Excited to see your rap verse on my beats, we will be waiting for it @cannonmuzik

dzalarap Congrats!

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Fabien darcy Foreign beggers sub
Beat by foreignbeggars
The beat was way too loud on the last video! Hope this one is better.. large up bangzy for the beat & @foreignbeggers... read more


foreignbeggars It’s hard b.. what’s your twitter cuz

fabiendarcy Thank you @fabiendarcy1

syllab My G

raad boom

daineuk Mad mad mad

fabiendarcy Optional("")@raad t

larry YeeeeeH this is amazing

fabiendarcy Optional("")@larry yes Larry!!!! Thanks man

fabiendarcy Optional("")@daineuk

kenjo That's a dope flow

bangzy dopee, the ending was too wavyy

fabiendarcy Optional("")@kenjo Big up kenjo!

fabiendarcy Optional("")@bangzy thankyou man the beat is sick!!!!

sts10 Check out my new beats bro!! You gonna love it.. try it

sciencebeats Smashed it

dzalarap Congrats bro!

fabiendarcy Thankyou @sciencebeats

fabiendarcy Optional("")@dzalarap thank you bro!!!

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foreignbeggars YESSSS ANG!!!! Wha gwaaan... what’s your Twitter this is wavez

ang Optional("")@foreignbeggars thanks my dudes its @handgei on twitter!!!

sontwisted I like your sound if you ever need some beats check out my site and let me know what you think

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noah92 Brighton

jrfbbeats Yo Ben hope your well mate. Check out my beats

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Beggars test BOSH
Beat by foreignbeggars



coryw Optional("")@raqueldivar

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mrflex London

Bosh Submission
Beat by foreignbeggars
1st ting I recorded on here! Beat is crazy! #bosh #foreignbeggars need that android version had to borrow iPhone!


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foreignbeggars Yooooo this is haaard

klotz Mad love guys

lrd Ayyyyyyyyy!

sicksixetbeats my g

freedotbee Bars for days

sts10 Check out my new beats bro!! You gonna love it.. try it

klotz @sts10 will do bro

sts10 Ya sure..!! Will wait for that.. @klotz thanks.

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sts10 Check out my new beats bro!! You gonna love it.. try it

sts10 Check out my new beats bro!! You gonna love it.. try it

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inspectaromez London

foreignbeggars BARSSSS


recklessethics Greeeeeeezyyyyyyy

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maroose Leeds
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gi3mo Brighton


exist Go on gizzy

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fatdec Leyland

Fresh bars
Beat by foreignbeggars
Fresh bars i always freestyle never written


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lethaldave Leytonstone
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foreignbeggars Oooooi sick

xidontlie Optional("")@foreignbeggars safe you man

bigsmokinjoe Sick sick sick! Well done mate

sts10 Check out my new beats bro!! You gonna love it.. try it

dzalarap Congrats dude!


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bevouille Paris

mskal Cool si jamais tu cherche des instrus passe jeter une oreille big up @bevouille

bevouille Optional("")@mskal hey merci je n’y manquerai pas ;)

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josiff Aberystwyth

These pages hurtin’
Beat by foreignbeggars
@Foreignbeggars @Bangzy #BOSH #Submission Sheesh, what an oppurtunity!! Ya boy dont stand a chance but huge thanks... read more


josiff Ayo, @Foreignbeggars we aloud to submit more than one verse? Or is that taking libs ahah

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smedzmc Nottingham

snow667 Nottingham Brapp brapp

raqueldivar Nice

michelangelomk Respect


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kinetical Austria
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jawgebuxblad Reading

alleydarklight dopeeeee flow and prod !!! dinwwww bruhhhh

syllab Nice g

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kieforking Birmingham

kieforking Thanks for the repost @foreignbeggars

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kenjo Los Angeles
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unicorns hhheeeyyyy it's uuunniiicccooorrnn hhheeerrreee!!

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witekatt Vilnius

2pasauliai Sick, bro

reflesh Nice

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lullaby_hf @foreignbeggars @bangzy

foreignbeggars Ooooii... sick my guy

foreignbeggars Hold tight the Diamond Line

lullaby_hf Respect chaps, I sent you alternative take via email

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jdogg Coventry

@foreignbeggars #BOSH
Beat by foreignbeggars
Mans birthday today thought id drop bars on this fire beat


foreignbeggars Woooi happy birthday

jdogg Optional("")@foreignbeggars thanks

jdogg @foreignbeggars thanks

aemzo Oooooosssshhhh happy earth day g , ill drink to that


jdogg Optional("")@aemzo

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madfatta Helmsley

Foreign beggars entry V001
Beat by foreignbeggars
Entry for the verse competition


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