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Brapp Beat by @timeoutbeats: "Saved by the Bell πŸ”” (prod. By EarlJam)"

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nikimukhi Amazing vibes

ayahmarar Dope


Videos on Saved by the Bell πŸ”” (prod. By EarlJam)

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timeoutbeats Bars! Dope bro, much love for blessing the beat!

foreignbeggars Blukku

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timeoutbeats Dope!! Much love for blessing the beat

lowpitch @timeoutbeats keep these heavy beats coming!!

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timeoutbeats Aus represent! Dope flows bro much love for jumping on the beat

twoface Thanks brutha, got them beats for the soul @timeoutbeats

lastdoghung Oh yeah! Niiice

bannyb Lol this is too funny, big up the troll

joeshire Take ya beef elsewhere gs!

twoface @lastdoghung

twoface Gtfo bruh you killing the good vibes. Next time don't make fake accounts n bump your own posts coz someone like me will expose you. @bannyb " @foxy1992 "

twoface Yeah I blocked him and his other accounts lol @joeshire


bannyb *mcing

twoface Yeah coz I don't replay my own shit

indigokid @bannyb how can you chat about him doing acid when your latest song in about you doing drugs when you were 15?! You lemon licker

twoface @indigokid The Don. Cheers bro I exposed him coz he made 5 accounts to repost his own shit then he got reposted on Brapps Instagram as the weeks top mc. #barejokes

bannyb @indigokid cos I was 15 you said it yourself

twoface @brapp Yo , could you sort out your BLOCK feature?? I swear I blocked this fool n he won't stop pesting on my videos.

twoface Also I should be able to delete other people's comments of its on my vid! @brapp

indigokid @bannyb loool you twat, how does you being a skatty kid at 15 instead of him doing some sweeeet acid give you the moral high ground?! Remove yourself you shinpad

nikimukhi @twoface if you got the most recent update (v1.1.2) yesterday you can now delete comments on your own beats and videos.

nikimukhi Thanks!

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timeoutbeats That was dope bro! Much love for blessing the beat

mikewordz Cheers bro. big beat!

djjoec She prefers to scissor

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timeoutbeats Dope! Much love for blessing the beat

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timeoutbeats Good looking out bro! Dope flows

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raad Real talk.. Big ups @wheelz

mrchisti Well put my guy, big up

timeoutbeats Big ups! Much love for jumping on the beat