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Brapp Beat by @badhabitz: "Steppa"

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illuminative Heavy

monstermatt Oh man I gotta freestyle

shorts Do you mind if I use this beat for a Brapp video?

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badhabitz Woiiiii!!! Smashed it cuzzy


aemzo Dope dope dope


feedthemindbars That's tight dog. You bodied it!

devize dope bro

axpmp Check out my beats man!

mateyboy danger

mikeson1 Sick flow!

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

nonsprod boom

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madjames Edinburgh
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sturje #UK #UKHipHop

ocean Yes Jack!

sturje Safe g! @ocean

kyu_tracks Dope !

sturje Respect bruv! @kyu_tracks

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