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Brapp Beat by @rudekid: "Fabric"

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longblu Big up!!

itslewisbaker Sickkk!!!

jaykonis Heavy..

jfield This beat is hard!

foreignbeggars DANGAHHH!!!

shubzmusic ahhh @rudekid @skitzbeats u man are dominating grime productio masssive choon fam big upps

presabeats Ard bodied bro #AreYouReady

itslewisbaker whos jumping on this? send me a link if you do :D

yungraj wooooo

jfield Done a video on this today, have a listen

mynameisnuttyp Fuegooooo

sturje That's fat bro!

bricks hardest.

raqueldivar Yes

wesh mad beat

grizzygram 100 plays are mine this tune is unstoppable . #rudekid This one is on major blast in Toronto today . !!!

foreignbeggars @raqueldivar I wanna hear you fuck this up

sirius Nice :)

maryjanec This is sooooo fat

baishekings [¬_¬] fire emoji*

Videos on Fabric

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genghisdaze Big!


kespo big flow rhhaaa!!



sludge Sick

mrchisti Oi oi!!

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ashtheauthor Yes! Big up man big fan!

gardna @ashtheauthor salute

raqueldivar Tight

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djisgod yes @jman killing it. BD all day


raad dope

rinsulin That flow and delivery on point!


j2s Mate this is unreal

sleepytimeghost maadd ting!

panaromic Can y check out my rap


lenzwan Fucking went in, My G'

ctrap_100 Yes my g your sick

leonfyah RAH this is pure Fyah brethren Big up

thingy whooooooo!

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Vodka flow
Beat by rudekid
Italiano grime rap


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tc Newcastle upon Tyne
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foreignbeggars Ace Hotel Shoreditch


3mb4 maddd

oab mobb

nebula_beatz Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn fire bruh

mskal waouuu

broomesy Brraappp! Sick


twoface Very Heavy . Big upz. Twoface.

lebreeze Murkury

aigrebrownie Yes

iamsaintpaul @lrd how sick is he?

kyu_tracks DOPE!!!!

dhuz Wow!!!! :)

zico RTKAL! Havent seen him in a while!

jimscreechy Haaahaaaaa!!!! say nada!!!!

elhawk Love this one


jaystarrow Oiii rrrun tisss

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tinyk Ashford
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dzalarap Barcelona
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tinyk Ashford
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lethaldave Leytonstone
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aemzo Fire big rythem too jheez

nato Thanks @4evablessed

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verbo Those eyes, JeeeZeee


jazzychavo some black cat flows!

zarahjones Love your opening!

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killerc Laval
User @killerc's avatar
killerc Laval
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rinsulin Big up @rudekid on this beat! Absolute head banger

rinsulin @boombapfestival & @foreignbeggars check this ishhh ouwt

nebula_beatz Good vibe




jmanbabylondead Big!!

mskal hungry flow nice work dude!!!!!

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nikimukhi Sick!!

nikimukhi Yeah man... The sync is a bit out on the audio levels page and gets fixed up after processing in the video filters page... We'll have this sorted in the new year

jfield Yeah that's why I added it as I know you both see my videos, but thanks for letting me know it gets fixed after rendering, because I literally have been trying to spit out of time etc to get it right lol @nikimukhi

nikimukhi Haha! Yeah man... Merrrrry Xmas!

jfield This video I did literally about 20 times, wish I had known that was the case sooner lmao! Merry Christmas to you too bro! @nikimukhi


threxxxbeats Bars!

jfield Bless fam!

skinzmann Woiiiiiiiiiiiiii

b_clever Smashed it bro

jfield Cheers man, I'll do another on one of yours soon

b_clever Look forward to it bro

jfield Aha safe fam!

keiosxlek so crazzzyyyy !!! big up

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foreignbeggars Hahahaaaa!!!!!!!! YaaaAA

foreignbeggars Yaaaaaaaaa)))))!!!

foreignbeggars Oooooooiiii

ladyeclectic @foreignbeggars and more to come

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slendstherapper The way your accent and US influenced flow is put on a grime beat is kinda wavy g!!

mcjumanji yo bigups @slendstherapper

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hollyflo Tell dem badgyal

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monsieureone Thanks for following me! I really love your flow.. If u want to collab just let me know