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Brapp Beat by @duggibeats: "DarkerDepths"

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transpontine yes yes, nice vibe on this

duggibeats Large up @transpontine

jackiebond sick @.F!

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alphamemphis New York

A Story for the Children
Beat by duggibeats
Shout out to Slick Rick the Ruler, this is me paying homage to the G.O.A.T. Storyteller.


albadman Groove!

samthomas Sounding sick man!

zarahjones Huge!!!

shiki_holy Oh dude

cecilmcfarrell “This ain’t funny so don’t ya dare laugh”... Respect for this one.

alphamemphis @cecilmcfarrell just another story bout selling ass for cash

alphamemphis @shiki_holy appreciate you fam

alphamemphis @zarahjones MASSIVE!!

alphamemphis @samthomas

alphamemphis @albadman

cecilmcfarrell @alphamemphis big up G

bl4ckp4rk Dope

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duggibeats Big up @rondeux for feelin this, catching the mood nicely bro!

raad fuego

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samthomas North Shields