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Videos on Freestyle Part 3 by lrd

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nikimukhi Dubai


zarahjones Skills!!!

freedotbee Absolute fire if I've ever heard and seen it before.

nikimukhi Thanks you guys!! @freedotbee @zarahjones @lrd biiiiig ups

lrd Keep these coming. Pure vibes

nikimukhi Yeah man @lrd had one more but battery didn't make it. Will get it out when I can

lrd Look forward to it.

mrfayyaz Wonderfully superb

nikimukhi Thanks @mrfayyaz!!

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nikimukhi Dubai

Take 1
Beat by lrd
Just got in from a night bike adventure listening to the boss John McLaughlin and hit record on this dope @lrd... read more


lrd This is too much.

emceerebels sick g

nikimukhi Thanks guys! @lrd @emceerebels

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nikimukhi Dubai

Goodnight jam x
Beat by lrd
Playing with these bluesy #guitar rolls. Big up Mr @lrd for this beat again



deadott that sounds ill!

fredmerky crazee

nikimukhi Big uppp guys @lrd @deadott @fredmerky x


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nikimukhi Dubai

Beat by lrd
@lrd this is sick... Just vibing on top #electric #guitar #frees Part I


lrd Yes. Killed this bro.

ptredeyez Oiiiii you're featuring on my album! Haha this is dope

eightysix Was honestly closed eyes zonin to this . Big

nikimukhi Oh sick @ptredeyez!! Big up guys! Glad you're feeling it @eightysix @lrd. Soo many different vibes up in heree

nikimukhi Thank you!! @fredmerky

mskal รฉnorme......

trav Awesome! Lovin this vibe, givin me some inspiration right now

nikimukhi Thank you guys @mskal and @trav!!

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Breathing deep
Beat by lrd
#grime track and vocal from 'Da mixrace mixtape



iamsaintpaul @ptredeyez

raqueldivar errriiieeee so ill

ptredeyez @raqueldivar nice one! Loving your choppy flows on the 140bpm's we could both kill a track. Collaboration?


raqueldivar @ptredeyez fosho! down. Hit me up on soundcloud or email is


mskal man heavy level @ptredeyez

gig19 that was ridiculous.... @ptredeyez

tu_manic Boom!!!!!

ptredeyez @mskal again your support is appreciated @tumanic respect donny @giggi88 glad you liked it @raqueldivar I'm going to check you in a peice!

hasbin Yes yes big man

raqueldivar Hey P.T sent you a track on soundcloud! :)

ptredeyez @raqueldivar. I will check it out soon

aemzo Bad man flexin !!!! Yeasssssssss

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1 take wonder (just written)
Beat by lrd
Man literally wrote this and spat it in 1 take now you gonna wonder why i'm all up in ya face like what? @lrd #lrd... read more




addsaudio There u go there's love there! Don't worry bro you'll get that blue tick soon enough