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Videos on Yeah Lord by dirtybuckle

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jestagotbeats Florida

dirtybuckle Dope!

deadott flow is dope!

coldcarrotbeats Niceeee

jestagotbeats Thank you, dope ass beat

jestagotbeats @deadott precise that

jestagotbeats @coldcarrotbeats Thank you very much

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Damn its been a year since I been here
Beat by dirtybuckle
Yerrrrrrrr MUCH LOVE TO BRAPPPPPPPP .... Its been a year and longer since I posted. Lets link this year!!


dirtybuckle Dope bro! That's smoking'!

dirtybuckle Dope bro! That's smoking'!

raad Welcome back my G

budabapbeats Welcome back bro. I like how you can manage a puff mid flow..

bjornmajestik @raad yessss

bjornmajestik @budabapbeats lol thx man.

bjornmajestik @dirtybuckle thx ! Yoooo dope sounds homie!!