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Brapp Beat by @gwop: "RUN AROUND"

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HIP HOP PRODUCED BY GWOP SULLIVAN™ #hip hop #90s #era #golden #boom #bap #style #hip #hop FOR LEASE & EXCLUSIVE... read more


da_ruff_poet Another heater!!!

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chriscboy91 🔥🔥

wezzly_kane Big up man like @gwop on the fiire

gwop yes sir ! dope !

wezzly_kane @gwop Respect my man 👊

mfvandal Sick bars love that shit that’s wicked

wezzly_kane @mfvandal Respect my brother 👊

roganjosh Blap! 👊 sick verse man

wezzly_kane @roganjosh Safe my G 👊

sts10 Check out my beats bro..!! 🎤🎹▶

hijack LAAAAWD

wezzly_kane @sts10 ofcourse Bro 👊!!

wezzly_kane @hijack 👊 My Brudda

cjburns This dude schooled spice 1. 🇱🇷. Mad flow on this one brudda 🔥sick 🤢🤕

thesinger 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯👊🏿👊🏿

wezzly_kane Safe G 👊@thesinger

gwop dope !!!!!!!! crazy flames fam !!!

wezzly_kane Safe my G!!...the beats ILL 🔥🔥@gwop

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mitvip San Antonio
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gwop yes sir!!

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case_dipen Winnipeg

gwop DOPE !!!!

case_dipen Optional("")@gwop appreciate it brother 🙌🏽

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animalcracker Seattle
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casb Belo Horizonte